The key technology of the future-proof digital industry

Industrial machine vision systems from STV-Electronic

One of the absolute key technologies of smart and automated manufacturing is industrial image processing.

For good reason, because image processing systems enable machines, robots or other manufacturing components to “see” in your production and make decisions independently.

Automated rules and processes thus lead to improved and consistent quality, falling production costs and an increase in output. They increase your profitability, your business success and ensure that you remain competitive in the long term.

Employees are relieved and can better concentrate on complex and unstructured processes for which the use of human work is irreplaceable.

The most important components are lighting, lenses, image sensors, image processing and communication.

STV-Electronic offers you holistic systems that are individually tailored to your case.

Of course, you will also find hardware and software for the communication of your image processing system in our automation portfolio.

we consider your use cases individually. We are available for special solutions and services related to your process. Please contact us for this.

The right lighting is an important component to ensure the error-free detection of certain workpieces and to save effort when programming the processing software. With the right lighting, you can already generate considerable advantages here.

Our 2D and 3D laser measurement systems deliver precise measurements. Get fast and precise data from your production. Without damage to materials.

In order to precisely inspect your workpieces with high detail resolution without destroying materials, we offer X-ray systems that are perfectly tailored to you.

Image processing is required to evaluate and prepare the data in order to return the correct control commands to your machines. We offer software for a wide variety of applications.

Our ART (Analyzing and Reporting Tool) provides you with a higher-level view of your production data, such as set-up costs, output per unit of time, frequency of errors and many more. Go one step further with STV and optimize your production!

An overview of your advantages

Individual service and advice

We understand the relationship with our customers as a holistic partnership. We are driven by your very special requirements on the way to networked and automated production.

Our experts support you in the development of your individual solution, in robot programming, software and hardware development as well as programming your PLC.

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