Automation technology

Automation – everywhere

Nowadays, automation will increase into all areas of life.

The implementation challenges are diverse. Sometimes old infrastructure has to be integrated into new systems, different manufacturers or protocols have to be connected and intelligently connected.

For these problems we offer cost-effective and simple solutions, from the hardware to the software.

In automation technology you will find our Linux controllers from the Smart Manager family. With numerous options for the interfaces and expansion components, as well as various options for the storage, communication and control systems, the Smart Manager gives you the right controller for a wide variety of applications. For example, in home and building management as well as in production control. There are also possible uses for remote monitoring of systems or the control of street lighting. All this at an unbeatable price / performance ratio.

The world becomes smart with the Smart Manager!

Our large selection of M-Bus level converters from the MPW or MPW-IP series offer the possibilities of recording, evaluating and controlling your energy consumption via an M-Bus network (smart metering).

Interfaces and applications

Large variety of interfaces

Wherever your data comes from or where it should go, with the Smart Manager you are prepared for anything. Its diverse interfaces can be easily expanded using the integrated expansion bus. We offer a solution for almost all common interfaces.

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A multiplex of possible applications

With its numerous interfaces and preinstalled expansion drivers, the Smart Manager 4.0 offers a wide range of possible applications. For example, in conjunction with one of our level converters, you can measure and control your consumption via an M-Bus network. The driver also offers you the fast option of exchanging data via LON-PLT (Powerline) or LON-FTT (Free Topology). Take a look at our application options in the overview.