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Collect data via M-Bus

You can easily and reliably collect data from the M-Bus network using the RS-232 or RS-485 interfaces integrated in the Smart Manager and an M-Bus level converter from our MPW series. Or you can use a level converter from our MPW-IP series and integrate it into your Ethernet network.

Due to the pre-installed node red on the Smart Manager, access to the connected M-Bus devices is quick and easy. Alternatively, you can use other, fee-based solutions or install your own software

Exchange data in the MODBUS-TCP or -RTU network

The interface diversity of the Smart Manager also helps here. With either the two Ethernet interfaces or the RS-485 interface, you can set up a MODBUS network.

The pre-installed Node-Red also offers an easy entry. Alternatively, you can use other, fee-based solutions or install your own software.

Exchange data via LON-FTT or -PLT

Do you need to collect data from more distant places but you don’t have the option to route a line there? Do you have a 2-wire line in all locations, but a mixed star and ring structure of the network? Then simply use one of our LON-PLT (Powerline) or LON-FTT (Free Topology) extensions.

The driver for the extensions is already included in the operating system of the Smart Manager, so that you can transfer the data quickly and safely with little effort.

Other data interfaces

EtherCAT, LoRaWan, BACNet, KNX, Dali … The variety of interfaces is huge. Thanks to the open platform solution of the Smart Manager and its 6 USB ports, there are no limits here either. For example, Install Mosquitto easily and free of charge from the free package sources of the Debian-based operating system of our Smart Manager. Or you can install a comprehensive and powerful programming environment with CoDeSys that gives you access to e.g. EtherCAT there.

Visualize and process data

Collecting data alone does not help. They also want to be evaluated and displayed. Thanks to the computing power of the Smart Manager, this is not a problem. Whether the data is e.g. evaluated on site, stored in a database, displayed on a website or loaded into the cloud via VPN, all these things are no problem for the Smart Manager.


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