Automation of offices and functional buildings

With STV you always have economy, productivity and energy efficiency in view

The advantages and possibilities of the automation of functional buildings include room automation, optimal lighting design, HVAC technology and the optimization of energy consumption. A clever building concept integrates all of these aspects.

Light automation

When planning a smart building, you can increase the productivity and well-being of people through a coordinated lighting concept. This concept is called Human Centric Lighting. You also integrate an emergency lighting concept into your lighting design. Last but not least, lighting is also a factor that leads to energy consumption. With an economical, automated lighting concept, you can get more efficiency from public and office buildings.


In order to regulate the energy used in functional buildings economically and in a way that conserves resources, you should also consider heating and cooling applications. An efficient and cross-trade automation system ensures the right climate while exploiting potential savings.

Room automation

The aspects of economy and adaptability meet in room automation. Here you can integrate the individual control options for individual rooms into the overall concept of building control.

Energy management

Thanks to the connection and control options in the building, energy management in functional buildings becomes a fundamental topic for cost-effectiveness and compliance with standards and regulations. Here we are at your side with products, software and advice for energy data acquisition, data evaluation and the development of optimization options. For holistic energy management and optimal efficiency of your building.

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We understand the relationship with our customers as a holistic partnership. We are driven by your very special requirements on the way to networked and automated production.

Our experts support you in the development of your individual solution, in robot programming, software and hardware development as well as programming your PLC.

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