Data analysis

STV’s own ART600 software stands for “Analyzing and Reporting Tool”. It is an innovative, web-based and platform-independent data evaluation program with many functions and export options.

ART has its own self-explanatory installation program, which makes integration into your software environment faster and easier. The connection to the target data takes place either via a database or via access to generated XML data. To ensure that your data is always safe, ART has a complete backup strategy.

The structure of the evaluations of the program is completely homogeneous and can be adapted to your individual needs using a report designer. ART provides a meaningful basis for decision-making to significantly improve your productivity!

With the STV ART plug-ins, you can easily expand the functional scope of your ART software and adapt it individually to your own needs. Evaluate your data according to your wishes!

ART Analysing & Reporting Tool

The data connection is mainly done via a MySQL database. We have designed a number of applications to transfer your data to the database in a fully automated manner.

The processed data is output via a web browser. The current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari are supported as standard. Simply select the appropriate parameters such as “Period” or “Order” and the desired evaluation appears.

The evaluations are individually adapted to your needs. So it is possible, for example, to create an evaluation of the goods produced yesterday or a summary of all goods of a certain type within a week, a month or a year. Production and downtimes of machines are displayed and can be easily read.

All common diagram types can be output via a graphic interface. These include line, point, bar, column, circle, area and Gantt charts. In this way, you achieve a much greater informative value than with tabular views alone. For example, show the quality of your production over a course and compare the productivity of your machine operators.

ART plug-ins

This plug-in records the operational data that is important to you and evaluates it. Get an overview of setup, production and downtimes. Answer the question of which machine operator is processing how many circuit boards in a certain period of time. Generate cross-order and cross-machine evaluations and visualize everything with appealing graphics. In addition, incomplete data records can be displayed and cleaned up with a service program.

This plug-in, based on the web-based and platform-independent data evaluation software ART600, helps you to optimize your PCB process chain. Panel grouping uses complex mathematical iteration methods that are automatically and intelligently combined depending on the type of data and the specified boundary conditions. Remaining dimensional errors in individual layers of a panel are usually recorded by an X-ray drilling machine and stored in a database. With the help of this database, panels of individual production lots are divided into certain restriction-optimized groups. Panel Grouping then generates a group-based kitting sheet, which makes it possible to create customized drilling programs with minimal corrections. In addition, the kitting sheets contain further valuable information for optimizing the manufacturing processes. Panel grouping remains transparent to the user at all times and presents the results graphically. It also offers the option of fine-tuning the boundary conditions manually. Improvements and worsening of the results are indicated by an automatically updated quality index.

  • Increase in quality and process reliability
  • Minimization of the Committee
  • Reduction of process costs
  • Time savings

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