Lighting systems

One of the most important and decisive components regarding the quality and price of an image processing system is the lighting used. The lighting system should be specially adapted and selected for the individual application. Special solutions are often necessary here, because the geometries of the existing lighting solutions do not deliver the desired quality.

Because: The better the lighting is adapted to the individual case, the less software development effort is subsequently required to bring the image processing solution to the desired quality level and the required performance. Every application has its own challenges in this regard. In this area, STV Electronic offers a large number of high-performance standard components that have been developed for a wide variety of tasks in the industrial environment. The spectrum of the STV lighting portfolio extends to RGB ring lights, back lights, direct lights and flat lights of various colors and dimensions. In addition, STV Electronic continuously develops innovative components and special solutions on behalf of customers.

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Light control DAV1200

Ring lights LAL-LE series

Ring lights LAL series

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Ring lights HAL series

Back lights FAL series

Direct lights CDL series

Flat lights SFL series

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