We are your partner for perfectly connected automation solutions.

Through automation solutions in today’s business and production environment, our customers gain flexibility, security, economy and efficiency.

STV-Electronic is your partner when it comes to establishing the correct connection and communication of your systems, devices and processes.

Our products

Linux Controller

Here you will find all information about our Smart Manager 4 series.

M-Bus level converter

You can find innovative components for M-Bus here.

Powerline components

Everything you need for powerline.

Industrial Computer

Our IPC portfolio.

Our applications

We are your partner for automation solutions since 1993.

We have the right infrastructure to monitor, control and regulate your production plants, devices and processes. For optimal and needs-based connections and communication.
We have always relied on established standards as well as open and compatible systems and solutions. For maximum possibilities, transparency and future security.

Get an overview of our application areas, in which our products and services provide significant advantages.


Intelligent networking and economical control of your production

Industrial image processing

The key technology of the future-proof digital industry


Building automation

Automation of offices and functional buildings

Smart City Infrastructure

Intelligent street lighting with the Smart Manager 4.0

Maximum future security for your projects

Digitalization is moving markets and society forward. There are always new opportunities and developments. In order to remain successful and competitive internationally, you need innovative concepts that are open, adaptable and modular. So you are well prepared for the future. That is why we at STV Electronic attach great importance to developing products that are compatible with a wide variety of systems and that use open and common standards and interfaces.

We support you in the concept development of your project and supply you with innovative products.

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