MSP-32 M-Bus Splitter IP

The splitter collects data from M-Bus terminals and makes the M-Bus data
available at three different interfaces.
The first interface (M-Bus IN) works like an M-Bus terminal device and can
thus be connected to an M-Bus master. The second interface (RS232 IN)
also makes the M-Bus data available.
The interface (Ethernet IP) also provides the M-Bus data.
The integrated web server offers the possibility of directly viewing the data
from M-Bus end devices and is used to configure the MSP.
The device can be used in areas ranging from mechanical engineering and
industrial automation to home and building automation with standardised


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Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 0,17 kg
Größe 7,2 × 9 × 6,4 cm
Power supply

24 Vdc +/- 20%, 24 Vac +/- 5%

Internal consumption

85 mA at 24Vdc



Operating temperature

-10 – 50°C

M-Bus voltage

38 V

M-Bus current

48 mA (32 standard loads à 1,5 mA)

M-Bus IN load

3 mA (2 standard loads à 1,5 mA)

Over-current threshold

> 63 mA


Ethernet IP, M-Bus IN, RS-232, M-Bus OUT