M-Bus Gateway MGW-32 Bacnet IP

The Bacnet Gateway collects data from M-Bus devices and converts the M-
Bus data into Bacnet objects.
The integrated web server offers easy configuration of the device. The data
from M-Bus end devices can be viewed directly with a free web browser.
The Ethernet interface can easily be used as a Bacnet IP interface. Bacnet
objects can be integrated with a Bacnet Explorer.
The unit supports the Bacnet service „BACnet Application Specific
Controller (B-ASC)“ with BACnet standard object types:
BACnet Device object
BACnet analogue input object
The device offers areas of application from mechanical engineering and
industrial automation to home and building automation with standardised



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Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 0,185 kg
Größe 7 × 9 × 6,4 cm


Power supply

24 Vdc +/- 20%, 24 Vac +/- 5%

Internal consumption

90 mA at 24 V



Operating temperature

0 to 50°C

M-Bus voltage

37 – 40 V

M-Bus current

48 mA (32 standard loads à 1,5 mA)

Over-current threshold

> 60 mA