Smart City Infrastucture

Intelligent street lighting with the Smart Manager 4.0

Street lighting is an important component for intelligent and resource-efficient energy management in cities and municipalities.

In order to use the energy in street lighting as intelligently as possible, street lighting can be controlled automatically using many criteria. For example, the light brightness adapts to the environment, which is detected by sensors. Little-used streets can be illuminated, for example, by presence reports. Streets that have a high light intensity in the environment, for example through shops and advertising, can be less illuminated. Defective lamps are quickly identified and repaired through networking and data transmission. The possibilities are many. The use of resources, energy consumption and the quality of life in cities and towns are optimized by intelligent automation.

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The Smart Manager 4.0 also offers an optimal basis for these areas of application. With our Powerline module for data transmission in three-phase networks, our controller is optimally prepared for use in intelligent street lighting concepts. Of course, it can be used across systems and flexibly, so that you are positioned for the future.

Safe - economical - comfortable.
The perfectly connected lighting concept of the city

An optimally connected lighting concept ensures more safety on the streets, energy savings and increased well-being of the people. With the Smart Manager 4.0 you can transmit and receive data from your sensors via Powerline and RFID. In addition, our level converters offer you the opportunity to communicate using the future-oriented IPv6 protocol. Coordinate your lighting concept perfectly with the right technology and thus ensure an intelligent lighting concept.

Remote control and monitoring of city lighting
automation technology in the cloud

Lighting systems in the city are mostly monitored and controlled remotely. Because people are not permanently on site. With the Smart Manager 4.0 from STV you are well equipped to operate and control your lighting concept remotely. You can transfer analysis and control data via a cloud technology of your choice. And integrate your light sources into a virtual network and coordinate them efficiently. In addition, notifications in the event of a malfunction can be transmitted to your specialist's mobile phone via GSM, so that quick intervention is guaranteed.
We offer you hardware components, software components and comprehensive and holistic support in the development of your lighting control.
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