Intelligent connections and economical control of your production

Our solutions for your smart factory

The digitalization of your production through innovative information and communication technology is essential today. The intelligent connection of plants and their interfaces to human leads to significant improvements. For your companies process efficiency, economy, a lower error rate and an improved product and service quality.

You can also keep an eye on energy consumption with the help of modern automation solutions. This way you can ensure more efficient and resource-saving control of your production.

In today’s market environment, where a competitive cost structure and increasingly individual processes are becoming increasingly important, the automation of your production offers future security for your company.

How your process landscape can best be designed and digitized depends entirely on your individual situation. At STV Electronic, we offer you the technology and know-how of intelligently automate important central processes in your production.

Production control, data measurement & analysis

In order to automate your manufacturing processes securely and stably, various areas of activity must interlock smoothly and be coordinated: The machines and systems in your production are controlled automatically, a system for measurement and monitoring always keeps an eye on the process and quality and delivers data in a software. This data is analyzed and, in the event of a malfunction or error, suitable commands are returned to the production so that your systems react adequately. Flexible production adjustments must also be considered. All of this quickly, inexpensively and reliably. At STV we offer you holistic advice and planning as well as the right products and software for your production control, monitoring, analysis and -regulation.

Control your CNC production

With CNC technology, your machines, devices, workpieces or tools are computer-controlled and automatically positioned. We are specialists of these applications and offer you holistic solutions from planning to implementation. Our portfolio includes industrial computers, drives, lighting and measuring technology as well as software for monitoring and controlling your machines.


Measurement and control technology for the production of printed circuit boards

We offer you high-precision measurement and lighting technology, as well as processing software for the smooth and precise execution of your production, especially for the requirements in PCB production.

Everything under control

Precise analyzes and data are the basis for the effective automation of your production. With our software you get an overview of all important factors and variables. Of course, perfectly tailored to you and your requirements.

Remote control and monitoring of your systems - automation technology in the cloud

In many industries there are remote systems that are controlled remotely. Such as sewage treatment plants, wind turbines or solar parks. A good automation solution enables these systems to be monitored and controlled without people having to be permanently on site. The data is remotely transmitted to the control center and control commands are automatically played back for smooth operation. In the event of a malfunction, a message is sent to the relevant specialist so that quick troubleshooting is possible. The data is analyzed via a central control center. Such technologies are used above all where systems are built far from urban and residential areas or where access to the systems is difficult. With the Smart Manager 4.0 from STV you are well equipped to operate your systems remotely and to control them automatically. With this controller you can transfer analysis and control data via a cloud technology of your choice. You can integrate your systems into a virtual network and thus coordinate the control system efficiently, which in particular creates relief and balancing in your networks with different energy feeds. In addition, notifications in the event of a malfunction can be transmitted to your specialist's mobile phone via GSM, so that quick intervention is guaranteed.
We offer you hardware components, software components and comprehensive and holistic support in the development of your system control.

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Individual service an advice

We will find the right solution for your requirement. Our experts support you in the development of your individual solution, in robot programming, software and hardware development as well as programming your PLC.

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