M-Bus level converter MPW64 with serial interface

With the M-Bus level converters from the MPW series from STV Electronic, you can easily, safely and efficiently connect your controller, such as the Smart Manager 4.0 for energy data acquisition and control, to your M-Bus network.

Our level converters connect the meter data from your sensors and also the control of your actuators in the M-Bus network via various interfaces.

With IP devices, the parameters are set and monitored via the integrated website. If desired, this can be protected against unauthorized changes with a password.

The IP level converters from STV offer you a great advantage: They constantly display the M-Bus voltage and current on the integrated website. In this way, the M-Bus networks can be monitored quickly and easily.

for up to 64 M-Bus standard loads



Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Power supply

24 Vdc +/- 20%, 24 Vac +/- 5%

Internal current

RS & IP: 90 mA bei 24Vdc, RS: 85 mA at 24Vdc



Operating temperature

RS & IP: 0 – 50°C, RS: -10 – 50°C

M-Bus voltage

RS & IP: 37 V, RS: 38 V

M-Bus current

96 mA (64 standard loads à 1,5 mA)

Over-current threshold

>111 mA


RS-485, RS-232, RS-485 & IP, RS-232 & IP