Ring Lights LAL-LE-Series

Our LAL-LE ring light units combine bright light incident at a small angle with compact dimensions. The optionally fitted diffuser screen prevents unwanted reflections on glossy objects. This ring light unit type is mainly used to detect minimal damage, such as scratches on glossy surfaces.

Product Overview LAL-LE-Series

Description LED-Colour Wavelength Voltage Filter
LAL300-LER Red 630nm 12 V -
LAL300-LEG Green 525nm 12 V -
LAL300-LEB Blue 470nm 12 V -
LAL300-LEW White - 12 V -
LAL300-LEIR865 Infrared 865nm 12 V -
LAL300-LEUV Ultraviolet 375nm 12 V -
LAL300-LER-DC Red 630nm 12 V Protective Filter (UV-Filter)
LAL300-LEG-DC Green 525nm 12 V Protective Filter (UV-Filter)
LAL300-LEB-DC Blue 470nm 12 V Protective Filter (UV-Filter)
LAL300-LEW-DC White - 12 V Protective Filter (UV-Filter)
LAL300-LEIR865-DC Infrared 865nm 12 V Protective Filter (UV-Filter)
LAL300-LEIR865-RG780 Infrared 865nm 12 V Daylight Suppression Filter