The Smart-Manager is growing!

by Markus Hühn The Smart-Manager is growing!

We have expanded the portfolio of our popular embedded Linux controller Smart Manager 4.0.

You can now get it in three variants!

The first version has the full hardware configuration of 2 Ethernet ports, 6 USB Ports and 2 RS485 interfaces. $GB eMMC Flash memory are available on board.

The second version offers instead of 4 GB eMMC Flash a micro SDXC card slot for micro SD cards up to 64 GB.

The third version has a reduced hardware equipment. It has 1 Ethernet prot, 2 USB ports and 1 RS485 port. As a memory also 4GB eMMC Flash are integrated in this verison.

In the near future we will expand our portfolio with an integrated RS232 interface as well as an integrated M-Bus level converter.

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