Direct Lights CDL-Series

The direct lights of the CDL-series were specially developed for the "Schmalz SWG vacuum grippers" for handling wafers and solar cells. In addition to compact dimensions, they have uniform, bright and diffused light and an integrated diffuser (except UV). The lights are controlled via 24 V PWM signals. Thanks to integrated electronics, no power transmission via the PWM module is required.

The field of application of direct lights is edge or edge break detection in the production of wafers and solar cells.

Product Overview CDL-Series

Description Colour Wavelength Voltage
CDL180-R Red 630nm 24 V
CDL180-G Green 525nm 24 V
CDL180-B Blue 470nm 24 V
CDL180-W White - 24 V
CDL180-IR865 Infrared 865nm 24 V
CDL180-UV Ultraviolet 375nm 24 V