Back Lights FAL-Series

FAL-series backlight units boast compact dimensions and a bright, homogeneous light thanks to the integrated diffuser screen. This backlight model is mainly used to measure the outlines of work pieces, check their position and, for instance, detect barcodes on printed circuit boards.

Product Overview FAL-Series

Description LED-Colour Wavelength Voltage
FAL300-3131-R Red 630nm 12 V
FAL300-3131-G Green 525nm 12 V
FAL300-3131-B Blue 470nm 12 V
FAL300-3131-W White - 12 V
FAL300-3131-IR865 Infrared 865nm 12 V
FAL300-3131-UV Ultraviolet 375nm 12 V
FAL300-14431-R Red 630nm 12 V
FAL300-14431-G Green 525nm 12 V
FAL300-14431-B Blue 470nm 12 V
FAL300-14431-W White - 12 V
FAL300-14431-IR865 Infrared 865nm 12 V
FAL300-14431-UV Ultraviolet 375nm 12 V
FAL300-782582-R Red 630nm 12 V
FAL300-782582-G Green 525nm 12 V
FAL300-782582-B Blue 470nm 12 V
FAL300-782582-W White - 12 V
FAL300-782582-IR865 Infrared 865nm 12 V
FAL300-782582-UV Ultraviolet 375nm 12 V
FAL300-787882-R Red 630nm 12 V
FAL300-787882-G Green 525nm 12 V
FAL300-787882-B Blue 470nm 12 V
FAL300-787882-W White - 12 V
FAL300-787882-IR865 Infrared 865nm 12 V
FAL300-787882-UV Ultraviolet 375nm 12 V
FAL300-14476-R Red 630nm 12 V
FAL300-14476-G Green 525nm 12 V
FAL300-14476-B Blue 470nm 12 V
FAL300-14476-W White - 12 V
FAL300-14476-IR865 Infrared 865nm 12 V
FAL300-14476-UV Ultraviolet 375nm 12 V