In today's world, automation is entering all areas of life.

The challenges in the implementation are manifold. Sometimes old infrastructure has to be integrated into new systems, different manufacturers or protocols must be interconnected and intelligently networked.

For these problems, we offer you cost-effective and simple solutions, from hardware to software.

Programming and interfaces

Various programming options

An adapted Debian Linux forms the basis for the many possibilities to program the Smart Manager. Based on this, you can use the programming enviroment of your choice according to your preferences or adapt it to your task.

Large variety of interfaces

Wherever your data comes from or where to go, with the Smart Manager you are ready for anything. Ist diverse interfaces can be easily extended by the integrated expansion bus. We offer a solution for almost all common interfaces.


Collect Data over M-Bus

Using the Smart Manager's built-in RS-232 or RS-485 interfaces and an M-Bus level converter from our MPW series, you can easily and reliably collect data from the M-Bus network. Or you can use a level converter from our MPW-IP series and integrate it into your Ethernet network.

Thanks to pre-installed Node-Red on the Smart Manager, access to the connected M-Bus devices is quick and easy. Alternatively, you can use other paid solutions or install your own software.

Exchange Data over MODBUS-TCP or -RCU network

The interface variety of the Smart Manager also helps here. With either the two Ethernet interfaces or the RS-485 interface, you have the opportunity to set up a MODBUS network.

The preinstalled Node-Red also offers an easy start. Alternatively, you can use other paid solutions or install your own software.

Exchange Data over LON FT/TP-10 or -PLT network

You need to collect data from more remote locations, but you do not have the option to transfer a line there? You have a 2-wire line in all places, but a mixed star and ring structure of the network? Then just use one of our LON-PLT (Powerline) or LON-FTT (Free Topology) extensions.

The smart manager's operating system already includes the driver for the extensions, so you can transfer data quickly and securely with little effort.

More connections

EtherCAT, LoRaWan, BACNet, KNX, Dali .... The variety of interfaces is huge. Thanks to the open platform solution of the Smart Manager and its 6 USB ports, there are no limits. Thus, for example, Mosquitto from the free sources of the Debian based operating system of our Smart Manager simply and free of charge. Or you can use CoDeSys to install an extensive and powerful programming environment that gives you access to EtherCAT gives.

Visualisation and processing of data

Collecting data alone does not help. The data also wants to be evaluated and displayed. Thanks to the computing power of the Smart Manager, this is not a problem. If you want to evaluate the data on it, store it in a database, display it on a web page or upload it via VPN to a cloud, all these things are no problem for the Smart Manager.