ART Plugins

STV ART plugins are an easy way to enhance the available functions of your ART software and adapt it to your individual needs. Evaluate your data to suit your needs!

PDA – production data acquisition

This plugin records and evaluates the operating data most important to you. Obtain an overview of tooling and production times as well as downtimes. Find an answer to the question of which machine operator processes how many PCBs within which period of time. Generate evaluations for all machines and orders and visualise the data accordingly with diagrams. You can also show incomplete data records and clear them out using a service program.

Panel grouping

This plugin for the web-based ART600 data evaluation software (compatible with all platforms) helps you to optimise your PCB process chain. Panel grouping applies complex mathematical iteration procedures and intelligently links them regardless of the type of data and the specified framework conditions. Any remaining dimensional errors in individual panel layers are usually detected by an X-ray drill and saved in a database. This pool of data is used to group the panels of individual production batches together according to certain restring criteria. Panel grouping subsequently generates a group-based kitting sheet that enables to create adapted drilling programs with a minimum of corrections. What's more, the kitting sheets feature additional, valuable information to optimise your production processes. Panel grouping always remains transparent to users and graphically illustrates the results. It gives you the option of making additional, manual fine adjustments to the framework conditions. Improving and declining results are illustrated by an automatically updating quality index.

The benefits at a glance

  • Increased quality and process stability
  • Minimised waste
  • Reduced process costs
  • Saves time