With our sensor products you receive important input data for the control and monitoring of all kinds of systems and devices. Monitor machines, control cabinets, materials, food and much more safely and inexpensively. Depending on your circumstances, data can be transmitted via Powerline via the power grid or via radio.

Our sensors offer you high security, long ranges, high accuracy and a long service life with little installation effort.

With our RFID sensors you can send your measured values ​​to the controller via radio. You also have the option of acquiring a wide variety of measurement parameters using Powerline technology. So you use your existing power grid for data transmission.

These two technologies offer you the option of implementing decentralized data acquisition in your control system without time-consuming planning or major installation work. Our Linux controllers from the Smart Manager 4.0 series are equipped with the appropriate interfaces.

Our product portfolio offers you the following options:

Temperature (RFID & Powerline)
Air pressure (RFID)
Humidity (RFID)
Brightness (RFID)
Digital and analog input signals (RFID)
Current, voltage, phase angle, power, power factor (Powerline)
Relay output (Powerline)

Produktbild Temperatursensor RFID

Active-RFID-temperature sensor

Active-RFID temperature sensor

STV Art.-Nr.: 067501

  • For transmitting temperatures via Active RFID
  • Frequency:
    433,92 MHz
  • Data format:
    24 bit or 32 bit
  • Configuration:
    Via IR programming adapter and PC software
  • VDE & CE-conform
  • Ambient / working temperature range:
    -40°C … +85°C
  • Battery lifetime:
    up to 10 years (with a transmission frequency every 2s)
  • Transmission cycle:
    from 220ms to every 10 hours (programmable)
  • Battery supply:
    3,6 VDC – Li-SOCl2 battery (intern)
  • Battery monitoring:
    special ID-Code for battery-low
  • Maximum range:
    150m (open field)
  • Diameter:
    57mm, high: 18mm
  • Protection:
  • Weight:
  • Material:
  • Food safe (90/128/ECC)
  • 2 fixing holes
    4mm, distance 49mm
  • Standards:
    EN 301 489 – 3: 2013 V1.6.1;
    EN 300 220 – 2012: V2.4.1; EC; RoHS

PT1000 LON-sensor with plug housing

PT1000 LON-Sensor with plug housing

STV Art.-Nr.: 095800

With this sensor you can transfer the temperature data of your electrical consumers via the Powerline technology. This enables secure, decentralized control and monitoring without time-consuming planning or construction work. You simply use the existing power grid. The PT1000 LON sensor is designed as an adapter and can be plugged into any Schuko socket.

  • For transmission of a maximum of 2 temperatures via Powerline
  • Technology:
    Powerline communication in the B/C-band (5kb/s), corresponds to FCC, CENELEC, EN50065-1, and LONWORKS-protocol®
  • Power supply:
    90 – 250 VAC / 50 – 60 Hz, power consumption 0,5 … 1,5 W via L, N-connection
  • Entrance:
    One PLC input über L, N connection of the power supply according to the LONWORKS® protocol. PT1000 input via 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Temperature measurement range:
    -40 °C – +200 °C, measuring accuracy approx. 0.2K
  • Processor type:
    Neuron processor integrated in Powerline Smart Transceiver PL3170 or PL 3120
  • Connection:
    Schuko plug as power supply and input, Schuko socket connected from the plug to the consumer up to max. 16 A, audio socket for audio plug 3.5 mm for connecting a PT1000 stereo sensor
  • Ambient temperature:
    -25 °C – + 65 °C
  • Safety test:
    CE, EN50065-1
  • Conformity:
    RoHS, REACH, socket DIN 49440, plug DIN 49441 R2
  • Dimensions:
    Plug housing with corresponding socket, German version
    (DIN 4940 / CEE 7111)
    120 mm x 65 mm x 55 mm (L x W x H)
  • Material:
    PC + ABS, UL 94 V-0

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