Power line components

STV offers you a variety of components for secure powerline communication.

Using NB-Powerline, information can be transmitted via the power grid without additional cable laying. The data rates available from 1 kbit/s to 100 kbit/s are ideal for telemetry data transmission. NB-Powerline uses a bandwith below 148.5 kHz according to the CENELEC specification.

You will find bandstop filters to separate signals from different communication groups, phase couplers to transmit the signals throughout the home network and line filters to improve data transmission.

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Bandsperre FF01 Produktbild

Bandstop filters

Bandstop filter FF 01 (Art. Nr. 095025)

Band stop to secure data transmission in Powerline networks.

  • Mains voltage 230Vac
  • Mains frequency 50Hz
  • Nominal current max. 63A
  • Connection phase max. 25 mm²
  • Connection neutral conductor max. 2.5 mm²
  • Degree of protection IP20
  • Ambient temperature -5 … 45 ° C
  • Dimensions: 2.5 TE (45 x 90 x 66 mm)

Preorder! Available again from April 2020.

Bandsperre FF01 Produktbild

Phase couplers

Phase coupler (Art. Nr. 095029)

3-phase coupler for coupling the Powerline signal into the 230V power network

  • Power supply 230Vac
  • Mains frequency 50Hz
  • Connection terminals 2.5 mm²
  • Operating temperature 0 … 55 ° C
  • Protection IP20
  • Dimensions 2 HP (36 x 90 x 64 mm)

Network filters

Network filter NF01 (Art. Nr. 095026)

Line filter for attenuating high-frequency interference signals in Powerline networks

  • Power supply 230Vac
  • Mains frequency 50 Hz
  • Attenuation 6dB
  • Connection terminals 2.5 mm²
  • Operating temperature 0 … 55 ° C
  • Protection IP20
  • Dimensions 1HP (18 x 90 x 66 mm)
Netzfilter NF01 Produktbild

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